Optimized for helplines
Basechat has key features for online counseling and is built to give the best user experience for both users and agents.
All features are optional and configurable.
Design and integration
All elements can be customized to have an individual visual design that aligns with the helpline's website.
The chat entry point can be shown on all pages, on a single page, or as a combination.
When the chat is closed, the chat entry point can show when it is possible to chat again.
Questionnaires and statistics
A questionnaire can be shown to the user before and after the chat, and to the agent during the chat. Answers from the pre-chat questionnaire can be shown in the chat-window.
The questionnaires can have any type of questions.
Data is saved in spreadsheets. Wait times, durations, etc. can also be saved.
Basechat can integrate with external survey systems.
Chat window
The chat window has the same look and feel as users and agents are familiar with from Facebook Messenger, SMS and IMessage.
The chat window is optimized to prevent interrupted chat conversations.
Basechat has a unique queue system.
The queue works as follows: When a agent is available for a chat session, the first user in the queue is alerted, and he or she can now contact the agent. If the user misses the possibility to start a chat, the next user in the queue is given the opportunity. The user who missed the possibility to start a chat is later given a new opportunity.
Access to the queue can automatically close and open in a way that ensures that the total waiting time is not too long. The queue can also close in a way that ensures that everyone in line can chat before the helpline close.
Safety and privacy
All communication is encrypted with SSL-encryption (https).
Besides password protection, access can be limited to the organization's physical address via IP address.
Neither messages or conversations are ever saved in the browser's cache or history.
If the user does not manually close the chat window when the chat has ended, the window is closed automatically after a period of time.
Basechat is anonymous. IP addresses are not saved, and it is impossible for agents or employees in the organisation to identify users.
Basechat is hosted at Amazon EC2. EC2 is one of the world's most stable hosting facilities.
Additional features
Canned responses, chat history, login integration, spellcheck for agents, admin system, visual overview of the queue.
Unique system to help frequently returning users better.
Access to a clone of the system for training.
Group chat
Basechat has a separate solution for groupchat, with entry point and questionnaires.
A moderator can send private messages to users, who can then reply in private.
Messages can be deleted individually, and the moderator can choose to block abusive users. It is possible to only let users send messages while a moderator is online.
Video chat
Basechat has a separate solution for video conversation, with entry point, queue and questionnaires.
Video conversation is web-based, meaning no software installation is needed.
Video conversation is based on the WebRTC technology from Google. Image and sound quality is as good as Skype.
Support and service
Basechat is a hosted and supported solution.
We perform the necessary steps to get the solution to meet your requirements for functionality and design.
Service includes ongoing updates.