Optimized for helplines
Basechat has key features for online counseling and is built to give the best user experience for both users and agents.
All features are optional and configurable.
Design and integration
All elements can be customized to have a unique visual design that aligns with the helpline’s website.
Chat window
The chat window has the same look and feel as users and agents are familiar with from popular applications like Messenger and iMessage.
Basechat is optimized to prevent interrupted chat conversations.
Questionnaires and statistics
A custom questionnaire can be shown to the user before and after the chat, and to the agent during the chat.
Data is saved in spreadsheets. Wait time, duration and information about the helpline's effeciency can also be saved.
Basechat can integrate with third party survey systems.
Chat conversations can be archived.
Personal data cleaner
Basechat features a unique privacy tool for helplines that want to be able to save and review chat conversations: A built in data cleaner that can automatically detect and delete personal data from conversations.
This includes the removal of identifying details, like names, addresses, institutional associations, phone numbers, links to social media profiles, etc.
Basechat is designed to ensure users and agents connect efficiently, by alerting users in the queue when agents are available.
Access to the queue can automatically close and open in a way that ensures that the total waiting time is not too long. The queue can also close in a way that ensures that everyone in line can chat before the helpline closes.
The queue window can be embedded with the helpline’s website, so that the users can browse pages on the helpline’s website while waiting.
Recurring users
Some helplines struggle with small numbers of super-users who use their service far more often than they need to, if they need to at all.
Basechat includes features and tools that, if enabled, redirect resources from these users to those who haven't had their needs addressed, while giving the helpline options to help super-users better.
For more information please contact us.
Additional features
Canned responses, login integration, spell-check for agents, transfer of chats.
Single sign-on (Windows Azure AD). Access to a clone of the system for training.
Group chat
Basechat has a separate solution for group chat.
A moderator can send private messages to users, who can then reply in private.
Messages can be deleted individually, and the moderator can choose to block users.
Video chat
Basechat has a separate solution for video-chat.
Video conversation are browser-based. No software installation required.
Safety and privacy
Basechat is compliant with The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Basechat is anonymous. IP addresses are not saved.
Support and service
Basechat is a hosted and supported solution. No software installation required.
Setup includes customization of Basechat to meet the helpline's requirements for functionality and design.
Service includes full support and ongoing updates.