Basechat - Anonymous text messaging software for helplines.
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A user contacts the helpline via WhatsApp, Viber or SMS.
A counselor answers from Basechat.
The counselor can give the conversation a title and color.
An additional conversation has started.
A conversation is transfered to another counselor.
The counsellor ends the conversation. As an alternative to ending, the counsellor can choose to sleep the conversation, meaning the same conversation can continue if the user makes contact again.
When the conversation ends, the user can fill in a survey. Answers are saved in spreadsheets and can be shown to the counselor.
The counselor can take notes, and label with preset subjects. Notes and subjects are always shown with the conversations when transferred or followed, or when the conversation is ended.
The counselor can evaluate the conversation.
Evaluated. The same conversation can be evaluated more than once if it continues.
Counselors and coordinators can talk via groupchat.
An administrator chooses admin mode, and can now follow ongoing conversations.
An administrator can choose to label or block an abusive user.
If archiving is enabled, administrators can see and search through archived conversations.
Settings for automated messages.
Helpline settings.
Settings for sleep. If a user doesn't answer, their conversation's status is changed to sleeping.
Settings for evaluation.
Settings for archiving.
Canned responses.
Basechat can be made available in your language.
WhatsApp entry on website.
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