Basechat - Chat Counseling Solution

Basechat is a live chat solution, aimed at counseling of children, young people and adults.

The solution is characterized by a high quality chat window, better website integration and more flexibility. With Basechat you get a stable solution covering your indviduelle needs for appearance and functionality.
Free Website Integration

Both visually and functionally Basechat integrates freely with your website.

Your website will show if the counseling is open, closed or occupied. Opening hours and other information can also be shown. All information is updated instantly and automatically.
Smart Queue

Basechat has a unique queue system, made for chat counseling.

The queue ensures that you will get in contact with as many of your users as possible. The queue allows users to navigate on your or other websites while waiting.
Customer Relations

Basechat is suitable for customer relations. If there is a need for a queue system or a better integration with existing systems, Basechat will often be the best solution.

Please contact us for more information.
Evaluation and Statistics

Basechat can collect information from both users and counselors.

A questionnaire can be shown to the user before the chat, and to the counselor during and after the chat. A questionnaire for evaluation can be shown to the user after the chat session has ended.

Basechat has proven to be a solution of high quality, and is being used for anonymous chat counseling by 18 organisations.

Safety and Privacy
Basechat has a high level of security and there is no way to identify users.

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Basechat is a supported and maintained solution. Basechat is hosted and all expenses
are covered by a monthly fee.

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